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World-class speakers with a mission to help you grow your business and solve the problems you’re in today.


Kickass Virtual Networking Party from the comfort of your couch. Find your ideal SaaS Match! 


Take a walk through the Kickass Expo Area and have a realtime interaction with the vendors.


In this talk Aaron covered how to: Position your product so it attracts your ideal customer; Find prospects that need your product and are happy to pay for it; Follow up with prospects in a fun, engaging way that makes you the expert; Get in front of the decision maker.

In this talk, Tom Hunt shares a simple SaaS content strategy that closed a five figure deal with a SaaS company (that you know) within 6 months…. whilst building a brand, gaining SEO traffic and boosting social engagement.

Targeted lead generation combined with automated follow-ups is key to increasing your sales. In this information-packed webinar, you will discover: How to search a database to find the right prospects, automate certain tedious tasks in the sales process, fill your calendar with demos while you are sleeping, and use social touches to close a deal faster.

Join CEO Patrick Campbell in a monetization deep dive to unpack what they’ve extracted from over sixteen thousand companies on value based pricing strategy, and why getting it wrong is not an option.

For every company interested in growth there comes a time when outbound sales becomes a necessity to bring in new revenue. But while scores of companies have had success with outbound, outbound teams still struggle with a number of common mistakes. Even the most seasoned outbound leaders – those navigating tight timelines, ambitious goals, and junior reps – struggle to nail every element required for outbound sales success. That’s why we’ve gathered those mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Partnerships are a low-cost, scalable, repeatable way to get new leads each month, for both bootstrapped and funded SaaS startups alike. Leads from partners tend to convert better than leads from other marketing channels too. And yet, most SaaS founders tend to overlook Partnerships. In this talk, Ryan shared strategies for building and maintaining a network of referral partners from his own experiences, as well as insights from the SaaS founders in his community.

A story in the right publication for the audience you want to attract can help build awareness of your brand over time, but can also be a useful way to support multiple objectives for your business. But finding your voice, the right angle and the best journalists to pitch takes time. In this session, Cathy shared how you can establish your narrative and the best practices for working with the media. 

In this talk Fil covered the processes, tools, and documents that every company should have.
We talked about what’s an efficient sales process, cover some of the best practices of splitting the roles in the team, and how to properly conduct handovers between sales, onboarding, and customer success.

Pitching your product, service or idea can be a challenge. There are no second chances. You have to get it right the first time. The trick is to be able to say all that you need to say, even when you don’t have a lot of time to say it. The trick is to say it in a way that makes your idea different. The trick is to say it in a way that makes your audience want to buy into or invest in you or your idea. So how do you make your pitch stand out? In this session, you’ll learn how to persuasify your pitch and increase your chances of getting your audience to act on that pitch.

Have you ever wondered why you never get the answers you want? One of the hardest things to do, in any sales process, is to ask truly great questions. Both to your leads and customers. During this talk, we covered the mistakes everyone makes and how you can avoid them in order to have better-informed sales conversations. Also…. do you know how many times I have pitched this idea and had people pick one of the others? 

It doesn’t matter if your SaaS is sales-led, marketing-led, product-led, or engineering-led: your company will thrive when you’re customer-led, above all else. The talk covered:

  • What is Customer-Led Growth
  • Customer-Led vs Sales, Product, Marketing-Led
  • Customer Research
  • Mistakes too many B2B SaaS founders make
  • Hiring

What is the unexpected benefit of celebrating failure? In this talk, you will learn how to use and apply certain strategies within a number of guided steps which will help you identify the most valuable things a business owner can have: the answers to the questions he/she did even think of asking about. Go beyond the fundamental MBA business mechanics and apply those strategies to effectively scale your SaaS business.


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